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Accelerometer Calibration System

The piezoelectric transducers are widely used in engineering structure testing for their small, rugged, moderate sensitivity, and high dynamic range. It is very important to choose an appropriate transducer. As selection of transducers is closely related to the physical quantity of the structure, we need to consider the testing environment and standards. Moreover, all transducers’ performance indicators should meet requirements effectively.

ECS series Transducer Calibration System is developed to provide the best possible platform for confidence in measurement and analysis. The system utilizes the method of back-to-back calibration by substitution. The target transducer is mounted on a suitable vibration source back-to-back with a working standard accelerometer. The input acceleration to each accelerometer is identical. Consequently, the ratio of their sensitivities is simply the ratio of their outputs. The accuracy obtained with the back-to-back calibration method is improved by using the substitution technique.

Turn-key solution for customer including installation and training.
Calibration accuracy is less than 1% at a 95% Confidence Level.
PC-based fully automatic software process with typical calibration time of 5 to 10 minutes.
Database with complete product data setup and room for large number measurements.

Accelerometer Calibration and Verification
Vibration Shaker Verification

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