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VT-6008: Servo Hydraulic Controller

  With more than 12 years of industrial application experiences, Premax is providing reliable and Innovative servo-hydraulic vibration shaker systems to hundreds of clients all over the world, including high-quality actuator, advanced servo-hydraulic and vibration controller, customized head expander and slip table, fixtures and other accessories. Premax has accumulated sophisticated techniques and experiences during the decade in servo-hydraulic vibration testing with an unrivaled level of knowledge in this special industry.

  Our VT-6008 electro-hydraulic servo vibration control system can meet the testing control requirements of a single hydraulic actuating cylinder, and also can carry on multi-channel and multi-actuator servo control by further extension. VT 6008 hydraulic vibration controller brings great features of brilliant control at low frequency range, numerous test modules covering customers’ all needs of vibration test, shock test, earthquake simulation test, road simulation test, package and transportation test, environmental stress screening and etc.

  VT 6008 users can adjust vibration control configuration when test is running and change settings of configuration parameters. Safety of testers, specimens and other associated equipment are highly ensured by considerable safety functions of VT 6008: double closed loop control check, emergency stop button, test abort limits, system limit settings, abort rate definition and more.

Premax also works closely with customers and provides tailored vibration control solutions to fulfill their special requirements

Advantage of VT-6008 Hydraulic Shaker Vibration Controller:
  2 in 1 product with servo valve and vibration controllers
  Most control strategies in industry
  User adjustments of control configuration on running tests
  High flexibility and reliability
  Support multiple function transducer coupling and general coupling
  Extremely low noise with SNR > 100 dB
  Waveform Editor to create vibration test spectrum based on raw data
More than 20 inter safety check and lock functions

Self-Calibration packages to avoid out of calibration date and meet compliance requirement

Hardware of VT-6008 Hydraulic Shaker Vibration Controller:

Supports multiple acceleration and displacement transducers:  6 Acceleration inputs of BNC Port, support IEPE, AC, DC and TEDS sensors 1

Acceleration input of 12-pin circular connector, support IEPE, capacitance, dynamic sensor 2

Displacement inputs of 12-pin circular connector, support LVDT, slide rheostat and 4-20mA input.  1 Drive output of 12-pin circular connector, support 2-stage & 3-stage valve driving (optional selections of voltage and current)High accurate resolution of 24 bit ADC for all acceleration and displacement inputs

Integrates an analog filter plus a digital filter with impedance attenuation > 160 dB/octave

Flexible current ranges: ±100 mA max (also available at ±5 mA, ±10 mA, ±20 mA, ±30 mA, ±50 mA and any combination is optional) and Voltage range: ±10 V maxLVDT of displacement input: 2-24V, 3 gears adjustable (24V/15V/5V), 10kHz excitation

Slide rheostat of displacement input: ±15 V / ±24 V, fixed gain

Controls vibration at frequency as low as 0.1 Hz with sampling frequency up to 48000 Hz.With dynamic range > 95 dB and control accuracy within ±1 dB

One end of the ABORT Port is directly connected to the hardware by designers, and the other end can be connected with an external switching line. This allows users at a distance to conveniently and instantly stop a running test.

-Most test modules in industry:

-Sine Sweep Vibration Control

-Random Vibration Control-RSTD (Resonance Search and Track Dwell) Vibration Control-Classic Shock Control & Simulation-Shock Response Spectrum Control & Simulation

-Transient Time History Vibration Control (include earthquake simulation)

-Road Simulation Vibration Control

-And other optional application

-Waveform editor, offline view, MATLAB interface, Channel notching limit control, Multi-channels control, Step test (Sine/RSTD)

-Compatible with all MS Windows Operating Systems including windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

-User friendly software platform for easy test function setting and quick result analysis

-Convenient and flexible test plan setup with test flow chart function for up to 6 test profiles-Enhanced safety protections of test level abort limits, shaker limit setting, over limit check, wide abort ratio range (0 - 100%), drive limits to amplifier, abort rate and unique function of test preview without drive output to identify system characteristics.-To avoid over-test during vibration test and shock test, following functions are available: vibration abort points/lines, floating notching limits (include force limit), standards tolerance and limits selection from MIL-STD, IEC, ISO and user define.

-Pre stored data of Bellcore (1, 2, 3, 4), El Centro (S, V, W, 30) and Taft (N, S, V, 30) for quick setup of earthquake simulation tests

-One-click test report generation to Word or PDF files and test data output to Excel or Txt files.

-Offline View is available for customer to analysis without running a test.

-Multi-language enabled (Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Russian), one click to switch.

  Read more about Software for Hydraulic Shaker Vibration Controller Service that Premax provide for you.  

Training Program for our customers to utilize Premax Vibration Test System products more efficiently, we also provide training and seminars to make our customers get the latest information within the field of vibration test system to strength your competition.  Software Upgrades your controller up-to-date with the latest software developments, features, and enhancements. To receive software upgrades, unlimited technical support and more, we encourage you to renew your Software Maintenance Agreement today!

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