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Conditioning Amplifier

  MI-2004 Series Conditioning Amplifier:

  MI-2004 series provides a powerful integration of charge amplifier, IEPE sensor power supply, TEDS coupling, signal filtering and conditioning. Different from traditional analog conditioning amplifiers, you can set relevant parameters through the front menu panel. Setting parameters, running status and certain measurement data will be displayed on the LCD screen. Setting parameters are flexible for different tests.

  You may connect it to your PC through the RS-232 interface. With our customized application software, you may remotely set test parameters on conditioning amplifiers through your computer and perform offsite tests. In the meantime, multiple conditioning circuits can be combined to conform to a large scale application need.

Advantage of MI-2004 Series Conditioning Amplifier:

Convenient digital parameter setup

Expandable to test in parallel

Built-in constant-current source, fit for various sensors

TEDS transducer support

Multi-stage LP and HP filtering

RS-232 connection to PC

Up to 4 signal conditioning circuits

Digital parameter setting, intuitive and easy to operate

Input and output channels (via BNC connector) connect quickly and reliably

Support Charge, IEPE, and TEDS sensor input type

Multi-stage low-pass, high-pass filter

Set parameters through serial control interface (RS-232), single PC can control multiple conditioning amplifiers

Compact and solid design with built-in battery, can be used for field and laboratory testing

Applications of MI-2004 Series Conditioning Amplifier:
  IEPE, charge, TEDS accelerometer signal conditioning
  Signal amplification, high and low pass filtering, integral and double integral function
  High quality field test and measurement verification work
  With data collection instruments for vibration measurement


Service that Premax provide to you:

Training Program

Consideration for our customers to utilize Premax Vibration Test System products more efficiently, we also provide training and seminar to make our customers get latest information within the field of vibration test system to strength your competition.
Software Upgrade:
  Is your controller up-to-date with the latest software developments, features, and enhancements? To receive software upgrades, unlimited technical support and more, we encourage you to renew your Software Maintenance Agreement today!

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