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Linear Power Amplifier

The VSA-L serie power amplifier is a high performance linear power amplifier, which combines traditional power amplification, leading edge IC and control technology. It uses step amplification and takes advantage of the new Power MOSFET with superior power output characteristics. It has been widely used for measurement and calibration.

With an embedded design, it has a comprehensive and real-time monitoring of the amplifier. Therefore, it has good protection functions and man-machine interaction. Meanwhile, it has low noise with air cooling design and has a working temperature range from 0℃- 40℃.


* Outstanding output feature: low noise and less harmonic distortion

* Working mode: constant current, constant voltage

* Coupling mode: AC, DC

* Phase mode: 0°, 180°

* Independent monitor channel: output with 0.1V/V, output current with 0.1V/A

* Input current: manually adjust

* Safety protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, self-locking, inter-locking

* Screen Monitoring: key parameters

* Working temperature: 0℃- 40℃

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