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Head Expander and Fixtures

Premax LLC has a wide range of head expanders in both metric and English system, providing an expansion of the armature table. It increases the effective mounting surface and larger payloads. Besides, magnesium and aluminum alloy head expander are both available. They are cast with good performance. For different testing demand, Premax also provides circular, square and other customized shape.


* Frequency: up to 2,000 Hz

* Size: up to 100*100 inches

* Pattern: Metric and English system

* Shape: circular, square, other customized

* High-quality aerospace grade processing workshop

* Corrosion protection: painted non-machined parts and coated machined parts


As small but necessary parts, fixtures play an important roles in many vibration test systems. Premax can design and manufacture different fixtures according to the particular testing requirements.

Head Expander Fixtures
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