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VT-9008: ED Vibration Controller

  Premax has accumulated rich experiences in the field of Vibration control since first starting out. To satisfy our customers needs, Premax focuses on providing the most reliable and innovative products.  Our leading product VT-9008 series electro-dynamic vibration controller provides a friendly software platform,  more than 20 safety checking and lock functions to secure your vibration test.

  VT-9008 series vibration controller is a cutting-edge vibration control product for electro-dynamic shakers, utilizing the latest DSP technology, low noise hardware design, advanced vibration control algorithms, and data transmission protocols.

  A multi-tasking system with close-loop control handled by a DSP processor. The control software is based on PC, but the control process is independent from PC to ensure the efficiency of real-time control system, with timely and rapid response to system dynamic changes. Thus it guarantees high performance, powerful features, safety assurance, as well as very easy to use software interfaces.

  VT-9008 series vibration controller provides the most comprehensive vibration control test modules and we are able to customize vibration control test modules to meet your special test needs. A trade-in program is also available if you want to replace old controller and save your budget for upgrading.

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Advantages of VT-9008 Series Vibration Controller:

  • Most control strategies in industry

  • Wide vibration test frequency range & extremely low noise

  • Support displacement control with lowest frequency of Sine Test to 0.1Hz 24-bit ADC/DAC, 160 dB/Oct digital anti-aliasing filter>input dynamic range > 120dB,random control dynamic range > 90dB,SNR >100 dB (@ 1 kHz, 1 V input) typical.

  • Amplitude accuracy 0.1%,

  • Frequency accuracy 0.001%

  • Harmonic distortion: <-95 dBReal-time

  • Loop-control with Centralized 32-bit floating 300 MHz DSP processing

  • More than 20 inter safety checking and lock functions

  • Anti-shock housing & Strict environmental tests of EMI temperature and humidity (EN 61326-1:2006, EN 61010-1:2001)

  • Waveform generator to create vibration test spectrum based on raw data

  • Self-Calibration packages to avoid out of calibration date and meet compliance requirement

  • Software update and training

  • 1 Year of factory warranty

The VT-9008 series vibration controller is famous by high reliability with its robust hardware design and long lasting durability.
Integrates latest 32-bit floating point DSP technique for control and quick analysis in controller and avoid influences by PC problems
Is compatible with all vibration control types: acceleration, velocity, displacement, force, voltage, and user define

Controls vibration at extremely low frequency (0.1 Hz of sine sweep test) and high frequency (18750 Hz of random vibration test) with sampling frequency up to 48000 Hz.
Extra Charge connections are available for transducers with charge sensitivity.
Utilizes BNC connections of all channels for quick and solid connection
Has 1 Drive output, 1 COLA output and 2 digital I/O interfaces to meet variable test needs
One end of the ABORT Port is directly connected to the hardware by designers, and the other end can be connected with an external switching line. This allows users at a distance to conveniently and instantly stop a running test.



-Vibration Test System

-Vibration Control System

-ED Shaker Vibration Controller MIMO Vibration Controller Hydraulic Shaker Vibration Controller

-Vibration Data Acquisition & Analyzer

Main Interface:

Most test modules in industry:

-Sine Sweep Vibration Control

-Random Vibration Control

-RSTD (Resonance Search and Track Dwell) Vibration Control

-Sine-on-Random (SoR) Vibration Control

-Random-on-Random (RoR) Vibration Control

-Sine and Random on Random (SoRoR) Vibration Control

-Classic Shock Control & Simulation-Shock Response Spectrum Control & Simulation

-Transient Time History Vibration Control (include earthquake simulation)

-Road Simulation Vibration Control

-Vibro-Shock Vibration Control

-Multisine Vibration Control

-Compatible with all MS Windows Operating Systems including windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

-User friendly software platform for easy test function setting and quick result analysis

-Convenient and flexible test plan setup with test flow chart function for up to 6 test profiles

-Enhanced safety protections of abort test level limits, drive limits to amplifier, and unique function of test preview without drive output to identify system characteristics.

-To avoid over-test during vibration test and shock test, following functions are available: vibration abort points/lines, floating notching limits (include force limit), standards tolerance and limits selection from MIL, STD, IEC, ISO and user define.

-One-click test report generation to Word or PDF files and test data output to Excel or Txt files.

-Offline View is available for customer to analysis without running a test.

-Extendable scale and software without changing of existed hardware, one platform, multiple applications, extensible

-Multi-language enabled (Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Russian), one click to switch.

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