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Miniature Shaker

Miniature Shaker is a permanent magnet small vibration shaker, with a wide frequency range. It’s small but has strong excitation force. Besides, it also has vertical and horizontal vibration mode. Because of its smart structure,  it has the advantages of convenient operation, good performance, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

The shaker consists of an embedded power amplifier, signal generator with open-loop control and slip table for horizontal tests. It also can be used in a system with power amplifier and controller. Besides, it supports both natural air cooling and forced air cooling (fan).


* Frequency range: 5-10000Hz

* Permanent magnet design: small size, strong force

* Appearance design: smart but stable

* Vibration mode: vertical, horizontal

* Cooling design: support different cooling methods (Working temperature: 0℃- 40℃)

* Application: vibration testing in industry, study the dynamic behaviour of materials for institutions, educational demonstration

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