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ED    Shaker

  Electro-dynamic shakers play an important role in environmental testing. It provides a testing platform for packing and transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile and any other real-world condition simulation.
  Utilizing the VT-9008 series shaker vibration controller, the closed-loop system can accurately reproduce real-world vibration conditions on products from the industries like electronic, automotive, aerospace, aviation, etc.

  For closed-loop system, the controller use displacement, velocity, acceleration, or force as feedback control parameter to accurately simulate a wide range of profiles and conditions that can help improve the quality and reliability of many products.


  Electro-dynamic shakers cover a wide range of force output from 300Kgf to 5,400 Kgf. Testing tiny objects to large specimen and payloads. Major applications of the electro-dynamic shakers are:

  1. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

  2. Packaging and transportation related tests

  3. Road simulation tests for vehicle and components

  4. Seismic simulation tests

  5. Other vibration and shock tests 


Applications Tests Shaker Capacity:

  1. Output force from 300Kgf to 5,400 Kgf

  2. Frequency Range: 5 – 3,000 Hz

  3. Max. Displacement: 2 inches (p-p)

  4. Max. payload: 300Kg

  5. Controller: 8-channel controller with random, sine, Shock, RSTD(Resonance Search and Track Dwell), Sine-on-Random (SoR), Random-on-Random (RoR), Sine and Random on Random (SoRoR), Shock Response Spectrum (SRS), Vibro-Shock Vibration Control, Multisine Vibration Control etc.

Demonstration Video
Demonstration Video
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